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Share Market

Share Market

The share market phenomenon is huge. In the stock market, one's luck or lack of luck mainly depends on the position of Lord Rahu, Lord Venus and Lord Saturn.

Current lagna position from one's Jenma Lagna, Lord Rahu's position in relation to all these will lead the Jataka to two extremes. That is, if it is in a favourable position, it is capable of causing great yoga, or in an unfavourable position, the same amount of avayoga.

A person who has earned fortunes in the share market will suddenly encounter a failure in whatever he invests. This is because when the Lagna is moving, Lord Rahu gives a Yoga when it is favourable to that Lagna and loss when it is in an adverse position.

Our expert astrologers will predict your horoscope and give you the most accurate advice for all your questions about share market such as, Can a person invest in share market or not? If yes, - how long can he make money and when can he exit? And when to enter into trading if the current situation is not favourable. All such are answered with accurate predictions through expertise.

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