Astrology Prediction

Astrology is the study of integration of Fire, Earth, Air and Water through Akasha, which is the Panchabhuta Philosophy. We have the Stars and the Planets

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This is a method to give good advice to someone who does not know the time and date of birth. The native’s question of whether a particular event will happen..

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Chowri Prasanam

Chowri (Chozhi) prasanam method is a very traditional method of astrology. This method of astrology is mostly seen in Kerala. Prediction..

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Vastu Shastra

Vasthu Shastra is an ancient term that translates to The science of architecture. Vasthu Shastra is used in the construction of buildings to..

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Share Market

The share market phenomenon is huge. In the stock market, one's luck or lack of luck mainly depends on the position of Lord Rahu, Lord Venus and Lord..

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Stress Relief

As mind and body are different, both work in different ways. This can be understood through the science of astrology by considering the..

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Marriage Matching

Marriage is one of the most important events in human life. In today's modern era, human life is full of stress due to improper diet, lifestyle, work load..

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About Karma

Karma is the accumulation of good and bad deeds done in previous lifetimes. The soul stores what the body and mind experiences as karmic records..

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It is a scientific method that has been practiced since thousands of years ago. An exalted system known by sages like rishis. The nine planets have greatest..

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Navgrahas/Nakshatra Temples (Tamilnadu)

In Astrology, the nine planets play a predominant role. The rulers of Tamilnadu have consecrated Navagraha..

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Himalayas Pilgrim Tours

When we think of Himalayas, the first thing that comes to our mind is Lord Shiva, Lord Saturn, cold, Rishis, sages and receiving blessings etc. Himalayas is..

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