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Vasthu Shastra is an ancient term that translates to "The science of architecture". Vasthu Shastra is used in the construction of buildings to promote peace, well-being and prosperity of the occupants.
Vastu Shastra combines science, astronomy and astrology to provide ideas and concepts for creating a living space in harmony with nature.
As Lagna changes, During each Lagna Transit, the 4th House Lord and the planets occupying the 4th house changes. Based on that, the benefits enjoyed by the Jataka also vary. If the 4th house and its lord are well placed then the Jataka will enjoy its positive benefits. If the 4 th house Lord and the 4 th house occupants are not favourable, then the native will have negative experiences through the house.
Depending on where we place the specific spaces in the eight directions at home and work place will create a positive or negative effect in that atmosphere.
Our experienced expert advises to correct the negatives and turn them in favour of the horoscope through simple solutions without major changes in malefic house and business locations

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