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Marriage matching

Marriage is one of the most important events in human life. In today's modern era, human life is full of stress due to improper diet, lifestyle, work load and many other events.
Even if a man and a woman willingly marry, in many stages of life, for example, work, career, parenthood, family responsibility, money flow, foreign travel, debt etc., there comes a misunderstanding between both and because of that, we can see that most of the marriages end in divorce.
According to marriage matching method, the position of the Lagna lord and the 7th lord, the position of the current lagna movement in the horoscope of both of them, and the position of the current lagna not in negative houses of the other, all those are checked and evaluated for compatibility.
For those who are unable to get married, they will be guided on how to accurately predict the causes of problems such as delay in marriage and how to use those obstacles in their favour and find a suitable partner. Our astrologers will also predict and guide whether the life partner is local or foreign and direct you in right path to find the partner.

Also, we analyse whether the reason for separation in marital life is mind, relationship, body, money or friendship, and by accurately predicting the reason through analysing the horoscope we  will advise what the person can change to make his married life happy and successful. Further, we also predict and advice simple dosha nivarthi remedies in his horoscope for blissful married life.

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