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Know About Astronivarthi

Astro Nivarthi encompasses many astrological methods and the teachings of many Gurus.
Now Astro Nivarthi offerings the following Astrology services:
1. Astrology Prediction
2. Prasanam
3. Chowri Prasanam
4. Vasthu Shastra
5. Share Market
6. Stress relief
7. Marriage matching
8. About Karma
9. Gemology
10. Navagrahas/Nakshathra temple
11. Himalayas pilgrims
All these services predict your horoscope in the most accurate manner and provide a clear understanding of your life.

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About Sri Guru Lakshmi Narayanan

Sri Guru Lakshmi Narayanan has great expertise in various fields. Despite his many accomplishments, he had an immense passion for spirituality from his youth.


Interest in astrology and the search for Karma has always been an undying quest within him. For the past 16 years, he has studied and practiced the Traditional Astrology, Bhrigu Nandi Nadi, Numerology, Chowri Prasana, Vastu Shastra and Gemology through various Gurus. Few events that he encountered intensified his spiritual quest. As a result, he travelled to many spiritual and guru places from the southern tip of India to the Himalayas. He got to travel there with a soulful love of natural life. He had the privilege of realizing Karma and its subtleties through the yogis and priests he met at various places. During this trip he visited Neem Karoli Baba Ashram and stayed for a few weeks. After return he met Thiru Pothuvudaimoorthy Aiya. He grasped the intricacies of the Akshaya lagna paddathi method and was ushered with the title “Sri Guru” by Pothuvudaimoorthy Aiya. Now Sri Guru Lakshmi Narayanan guides people for a healthy and happy living.


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What Our Clients Say

testimonial testimonial

Vanakam, Its my pleasure to share my views and experiences about Shri Guru Lakshmi Narayanan. Four sentences or even four hundred sentences will not br enough to talk about him. I can never forget the day i first met him. Usually any person will offer a gift for the guidance taken from him, but I am soo fortunate to receive a gift of Rs 500/ from him in the first meeting. I consider this to be a boon. From then on he started addressing me as Akka (elder sister) and I stared addressing him as Thambi (younger brother) . This is how our relationship grew. Once in my life I was desperately looking for a proper support and guidance, like how a ailing patient looks out for a doctor who can cure the disease. That was the time I got introduced to Shri Guru Lakshmi Narayanan through Mr. Maran, cinematographer. I didn’t have much faith on him at that time. But his predictions were very accurate which made me believe him whole heartedly. I met Shri Lakshmi Narayan in the middle of the year 2020. He made a prediction saying that on 6TH July 2022( which was my birthday), certain incidents will happen and he will be present in my house when it happens. Normally he never goes for house visits. He is a traveller and mostly keeps travelling in the Himalayan regions. So again my mind didn’t believe this, coz it was a long way to go. But to my astonishment what he predicted happened just way he said, same day and he had come suddenly to my house to wish me since it was my birthday. From then on Lakshmi Narayanan thambi is my mentor and I follow his advice without any doubts. This is the level of confidence I have in him. There are many more incidents which i would like to share, which i will do via videos. In short I consider Shri Lakshmi Narayanan as a God sent representative in my life to solve my problems. We all must be very lucky to have him with us. It is upto us to take his guidance and follow his advice for a happy and healthy life.

Vadivukkarasi Amma

Indian actress

testimonial testimonial

``Lakshmi Narayananji`` You have been a miracle in my life. Your reading have given me guidance to walk through toughest challenges of my life. Your knowledge and prediction clearly shows how devoted you are for your work. I am truly impressed with your deep and through knowledge in astrology and you convey past future and present in 100% accuracy. Your Interrelation didn’t just helped me but my wife, children’s, Family and friends. Every one thanks you for your guidance and even me for connecting them with you. I wish you all success in life and moreover appreciate your noble approach to help people your idea of helping impecunious people with donating your life work to them is munificent. I feel truly blessed to meet you and to even support your idea of helping people. I really wish you help millions of people through your studies and ideology.

Didoo Sharma

Evergreen Café,Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

testimonial testimonial

Mr. Lakshminarayanan is an astrologer who understands the laws of nature. His calculations are based on the ancient system of planetary movements, which is a mathematical pattern. Every star and planet that influences the human body also influences its nature. Calculating this is an art that comes not from reading, but from practice. Having stayed with people and gurus who transmit knowledge from mind to mind and analyzing it, he has developed an art that is now being successfully followed. Medicine is the art of healing, and predicting how things will move and hastening the healing is the knowledge of astrology. Combining these two arts is a success that everyone should understand. Here is a review of Mr. Lakshminarayanan's work: Mr. Lakshminarayanan is a highly skilled astrologer who has a deep understanding of the laws of nature. His calculations are based on the ancient system of planetary movements, which is a mathematical pattern. He has spent many years studying and practicing astrology, and he has developed a unique ability to predict how things will move and how to hasten the healing process. I have been a client of Mr. Lakshminarayanan for several years, and I have been very impressed with his work. He has helped me to understand my own astrological chart, and he has given me valuable insights into my life and my relationships. He has also helped me to heal from a number of physical and emotional problems. I believe that Mr. Lakshminarayanan is a gifted astrologer who can offer valuable insights and healing to those who are open to it. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is seeking to understand their own life and to improve their health and well-being.

Dr. Ravichandran


testimonial testimonial

I have great respect for Sri Lakshmi Narayana…He guides our family with his expertise in astrology and health. My friends also contacted him and benefited from his knowledge.



testimonial testimonial

Shri Guru Laxmi Narayanan has great experience Astrologer and experts in karma sidhant analysis many persons problem solving he's guidelines, how problems meet out from poojas explain simple remedies all are benefited with out tension so kindly approach guru ji solve your problem.

B.Venkataramana , National General Secretary

Valmiki Chamber of commerce and Industry, New Delhi.

testimonial testimonial

Astrologer Lakshmi Narayanan ji has been a guiding force for me. He has not only suggested astrological remedies but also suggested changes in the mindset & lifestyle He is very proficient in his art and his approach is to nudge his advise seekers towards better lives Thanks to Narayanan ji


Govt Licence appraiser New Delhi

testimonial testimonial

Good and Reliable Astrology Services I am consulting lakshmi Narayanaji since 3 years now and that too accidently as i don't believe much in astrology. But when i met him for the first time, he was absolutely unlike other astrologers very simple and sensible . Since then i am consulting him and i am very satisfied and happy that I met him at right time of my life . He helped me out with right solution for my problems related to carrier and married life , his solutions were simple and spiritual. He is very trust worthy . His prediction is 100% accurate and reliable. I would like to prefer lakshmi Narayana ji for all Astro related solutions .

Sree Meenakshi


testimonial testimonial

Sir Lakshmi Narayanan is well versed in astrology. He gives accurate timings for incidents and knows about health, profession and family circumstances. I am happy about the guidance, much appreciated. Thank you,


Vatuz, Liechtenstein

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