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Astrology Prediction (About Astrology)

Astrology is the study of integration of Fire, Earth, Air and Water through Akasha, which is the ‘Panchabhuta Philosophy’. We have the Stars and the Planets which are the Astral bodies in our Universe. However, there are distinct differences in their properties and characteristics. Stars are huge, glowing spheres of plasma that release energy through nuclear fusion at their cores. They are the building blocks of galaxies and the sources of light and heat for their planetary systems.
9 planets orbit in the defined path of the stars.
In Astrology, The solar system comprises of nine planets including Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury,
Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu - Ketu which are considered shadow planets.
In Vedic astrology, planets are believed to determine human life and destiny. Each planet is
associated with certain characteristics and qualities, and it is believed that the positions of the
stars and planets in the sky at the time of a person's birth determine one's birth horoscope.
The planets revolve across the 27 stars in an elliptical path, and the gravitational force of the stars influence the motion and position of the planets.
Vedic science has given a math called Jatakam (Birth chart) to know how the 9 planets and the 27 stars will effect a soul born on earth.
Astrology is the scientific art that calculates these through the science of astrology and guides the born soul to set up a proper life.

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